Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The results here show that I am not much of a visual learner. I am much more of an aural and kinaesthetic learner.

An aural learner is someone who prefers discussions, either in groups or 1:1, over reading and writing and visualising. This preference is for information that is spoken or heard and the use of questioning is an important part of a learning strategy for those with this preference.

A kinaesthetic learner is someone who prefers the practical side of things. For example, when on a course, the part which I look forward to the most is normally work experience as I get to test myself with what I have learned and I will usually improve my skills because of it.

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  1. Well done for creating your first blog and writing your first post!

    I really enjoyed reading your post - you write well using clearly structured sentences and very good grammar and punctuation.

    I agree that it is very good to put theory into practice through work experience. Did you enjoy your work experience placement last year? Where was it and what did you do there that helped your learning?

    Would you agree with the results that show you are also an aural learner?